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What is Musical Meanderings?

Musical Meanderings is a collection of pages having a musical theme. It grew out of a two week spare-time project to give the author some motivation to learn Java. You will need a Java-capable browser to take full advantage of these pages. I hope you learn something, and have fun...

Some Musical Theory

These pages give a whirlwind introduction to the theory of scales, intervals and chords. Some musical terminology is introduced so that you can understand how chords are made up and defined. If the theory is too heavy then just play with the scale builder and chord builders. These are Java applets that show scales and chords based on the input you choose. You will be able to see how chords are played on the Guitar and Piano.


ISCA is a freeware Java application which can be used to display intervals, scales and chords in text format, on the keyboard and guitar. It incorporates all the features of the applets that are available online elsewhere on this site.
In addition, ISCA can display and print chord charts for guitar.

Look at the ISCA Pages to learn more about ISCA's features and availability.

Songs from the musicals

The Musicals Page given information on all the great songs from the stage musical tradition. Ever wondered where You'll Never Walk Alone comes from? Well, here is your chance to find out.


I would welcome constructive comments on these pages. You can send feedback using the Feedback Page.