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ISCA is a Java application that can display intervals, scales and chords in various formats. For example chords can be shown in text form, on a keyboard and on a guitar chart. In addition, ISCA can be used to display chord charts for guitar which can then be printed.
Some screenshots from ISCA are shown below. For a more detailed view click on the image.

ISCA Screenshots
Scales as text SICA Scales/text
Chords on Piano SICA Chords/kbd
SICA Charts

System Requirements

ISCA requires a Java Runtime Environment which should at leat be version 1.3.1. If you do have a JRE installed then you can type java -version at a command prompt to see what version you have.
If you do not have a suitable JRE installed then you can obtain one from the java.sun.com website. Look for the latest version of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE). There is a choice of Runtime Environment (JRE) or the full Software Developer Kit (JDK).

Further instructions on installing and running ISCA will be available soon.


ISCA is not currently available for download because I am working on simple installation scheme/instructions for the Windows Platform. If you would like to be an early tester of ISCA then contact me via the Feedback form.